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Which industries keep hiring during the coronavirus pandemic?

Although this virus is less serious than SARS, with a mortality of less than 2%, the impact of COVID-19 has larger effects, especially from an economic point of view. And Romania will not be bypassed. The coronavirus pandemic has and will continue to have an important say on the national economy.
However, there are also companies in areas essential to the economy that either request the deferral of contracts for a much shorter period, or hire at the same rate as before.

Construction, agriculture, heavy industry, retail and IT companies continue to hire people

In domains such as IT, construction, agriculture, retail, the need for human resources remains acute, so that many companies in Romania are still hiring in order to be able to carry out their activity under natural conditions. Thus, many companies, looking for the right employees for their business needs, continue to call on Asian and foreign personal recruitment agencies.
In order to meet the workforce need of Romanian employers, Navon Jobs offers the most efficient solutions and Asian and foreign staff in a much shorter time than any other agency could offer. Also, as long as the Asian or foreign staff we recruited for the employer does not integrate into the workplace, we replace those persons for free!

Why should you choose Asian staff for your company

Navon Jobs is a foreign labor force recruitment and employment company founded with the goal of helping employers in Romania to overpass the difficulties generated by the workforce crisis.
Asian and foreign employees are directly selected by our specialists, based on the skills proven following the interview, the English test, as well as the practical tests.
One of the important reasons for the migration of domestic workers is the low wages paid by the employers; even so, the employers are willing to pay two to three times more for the foreign labor force, considering it more dedicated and competent than the local one. Asian and foreign workers who come to Romania are English speakers, very sociable and easily integrate into the workplace. Most jobs are done through recruitment and employment agencies of Asian and foreign workforce.
For example, Vietnamese workers are noted for their physical resilience and the ability to work beyond the usual schedule so as to reach their stated goals. Presentable, hardworking and eager to work, the workforce from Vietnam can truly make a difference in the Romanian labor market.

Navon Jobs, a foreign labor force recruitment and employment company which helps Romanian employers

Navon Jobs is a foreign labor force recruitment and employment agency founded with the goal of helping employers in Romania to overpass the difficulties generated by the workforce crisis. We aim at being a leader in innovative workforce solutions by connecting the human potential to the business environment. By asking for our services, not only will you have hard-working, responsible and well-trained employees in your company, but you will also benefit from the guarantee that they will work long-term. Navon Jobs deals with everything that immigration services entail for future employees: obtaining visas, obtaining work permits and residence permits in Romania. We provide all candidates with a period of training and an introduction to the Romanian culture before arriving in Romania. We make sure that both the customer who has asked for our services is satisfied, and the recruited workers are satisfied with the working conditions at the new job. We recruit foreign personnel from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Brazil and other emerging markets in the following domains: Agriculture, Assistance / Elderly Care, Babysitter, Trade, Construction, Financial Services, Food Industry, IT , Horeca, Mining, Mechanical and electrical engineering, Oil and gas production, Public services, Delivery, Textile industry, Transport, Manufacture of transport equipment and Utilities.


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