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Recruitment in transport

Recrutare personal asiatic in industria Auto

Asian and foreign workers in the field of transport equipment manufacturing

Navon Jobs has the most modern and efficient recruitment solutions in Asia. We are fully efficient, with a customized recruitment system, to ensure that the requirements of our clients are met with the highest standards in a very short time. Our services are personalized and our goal is to develop the best recruitment solutions according to your needs.

Recruitment of foreign and Asian labor force

Navon Jobs is a recruitment and placement agency for foreign labor and our staff is trained and experienced to ensure that our clients’ concerns are seriously addressed. Navon Jobs takes care of everything that implies immigration services for future employees: visas, work papers, and stay permits. Our team has professionals with a large experience in identifying the right people for the right places.

Advantages of recruiting Asian and foreign personnel in transport

Shortlisting and screening process are the key important milestones in our business. We ensure quality and most suitable candidates with consistent standards and professionalism to ensure that our candidate lineups are accurate and sound, to the skills required positions.

Most of our Asian and foreign candidates come from the following countries: Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, India, but also from Sudan or Brazil.

I want to recruit foreign personnel in transport!