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Recruitment in public services

Recrutare muncitori straini servicii publice

Navon Jobs - romanian recruitment agency

Navon Jobs is a Romanian recruitment agency that brings foreign workers to Romania, with the purpose of being employed by the Romanian companies. Our goal is to establish long-term successful relationships with our clients, by offering recruitment and placement services of individualized Asian and foreign staff.
Romania is currently facing a workforce deficit in many sectors and the Romanian Government recently decided to increase the number of foreign and Asian workers that can be hired by local companies this year, to over 10,000.
Most foreign candidates come from Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, but also from Sudan or Brazil. All our candidates are selected following an extremely strict and professional selection process. We quickly solve all the formalities related to the recruitment and placement services of Asian and foreign workers.

Asian and foreign workers in public service fields

Navon Jobs has the most modern and efficient recruitment solutions in Asia. We are fully efficient, with a customized recruitment system, to ensure that the requirements of our clients are met with the highest standards in a very short time.
Our services are personalized and our goal is to develop the best recruitment solutions according to your needs.
The Asian workers who will come to work in Romania are well trained, serious, have sufficient experience in the field in which they will be employed, so that they can successfully complete all the tasks received by the employer. Asian and foreign workers in the field of public services are highly trained people who meet the most demanding requirements. They are English speakers and are characterized by kindness, politeness, hard work and efficiency.

Advantages of recruiting foreign and Asian personnel in public services

An important aspect that we take into account when recruiting human resources in the field of public services is their experience in this domain. We select only well-trained Asian and foreign personnel in training centers, and this aspect helps us to build long-term relationships with our clients.
Beyond the experience in the field of public services, the Asians and foreigners we recruit are very responsible, loyal and hardworking.

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