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Recruitment in Oil & Gas Industry

Recrutare personal asiatic in Industria Miniera

Asian and foreign workers in oil and gas industry

Having a tradition of more than 150 years in the exploitation of oil and natural gas, Romania is one of the only significant hydrocarbon producers in south-eastern Europe. For this reason, there has been a great demand for Asian and foreign labor in this area. Thus, hiring immigrants represents a real opportunity for companies in the oil and gas production industry in Romania.
If you are interested in recruiting and placing Asian and foreign workforce in Romania, contact us! Our personal recruitment team from Asia and other countries abroad is at your disposal!

Personnel recruitment in oil and gas production

We offer you the best solution for the continuous decrease of the workforce in Romania: the recruitment and placement of the workforce from Asia and other foreign countries in Romania.
Through the Asian personal recruitment agency Navon Jobs, the workforce is placed exactly in the areas where it is most needed, all workers will have documents and will work legally, and they will be able to start their work as soon as the process of recruitment and employment is completed. We are ready to offer you our Asian and foreign personal recruitment and job placement services!

Asian and foreign workforce selection

Navon Jobs solves the need for the qualified and unqualified workforce, which Romania is facing at the moment, due to its employees` exodus.
We offer our wide experience and unique perspective in all Asian and foreign workforce recruitment projects in Romania to ensure that the requirements of all our clients are satisfied in the shortest time.
Most foreign workers come from Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, India, Sudan and Brazil, where the living standards are lower than in Romania. The Asian workers are stress-resistant, are loyal to their employers, and have a great ability to focus.

I want to recruit foreign personnel in oil and gas production!