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Recruitment in HORECA

Recrutare Personal asiatic HORECA

Horeca Foreign and Asian Workforce Recruitment

In order to fulfill our mission of bringing creative solutions in the Romanian workforce, we decided to enrich the Romanian workforce with foreign staff from countries such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, India and Sudan.
The presence of Asian employees in restaurants, cafes and hotels creates a positive image in the Romanian companies. Effective, attentive to details and eager to carry out their daily tasks efficiently, Asians make a difference in the field of work.

Asian chefs Aid

The Horeca domain refers to the hotel and food service industry, more specifically to units that prepare and serve drinks and food.
Each candidate is subjected to a practical test, according to the wishes of the employer. All Asians we bring to work in Horeca know English. Adaptability to different environments and situations, but also resistance to stress is an important advantage.
If you are interested in recruiting and placing Asian and foreign workforce in Romania, contact us! Our personal recruitment team from Asia and other countries abroad is at your disposal!

Asian chefs

Most employers want a positive attitude from HORECA employees. Regardless of whether we are talking about chefs, cooks or dishwashers, everyone has to be quick and efficient in their work. For these positions, we recommend workers from Asia and abroad as they have a high degree of productivity and are taking their duties very seriously. Accustomed to the special aromas and vast experience gained in both Asian and Arab countries, Asian cuisines are a valuable resource for any restaurant

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