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Recruitment in Construction

Recrutare personal asiatic in Constructii

Recruitment of foreign and Asian workforce

Navon Jobs has the most modern and efficient recruitment solutions in Asia. We are fully efficient, with a customized recruitment system, to ensure that the requirements of our clients are met with the highest standards in a very short time. Our services are personalized and our goal is to develop the best recruitment solutions according to your needs.

Of course, an unskilled worker can be paid a much lower salary, at least at the beginning or until they get the necessary qualifications. However, recent research shows that all unskilled workers also show a willingness and ambition to succeed in the workplace and are more loyal. We can recruit for you skilled workers (blacksmiths, carpenters, masons, tiles, installers, electricians) but also unskilled workers.

Unskilled workers from Asia

Resilient, with good physical endurance, responsible for the tasks they receive, Asians are the solution to the construction labor crisis. Team spirit, endurance and skill are just some of the qualities he recommends for the field of construction.
Although diplomas, studies and all qualifications are highly appreciated, unqualified people should not be overlooked, as they are the ones who can make a significant contribution to the success of many companies in Romania.

Sweats and masonry from Asia

Team spirit, resistance to stress and noise, skill are some of the qualities that help them to be selected. Having good physical endurance, Asian and foreign workers are the solution to solve the labor crisis in the field of construction. We will take care to recruit only experienced welders and masons, who will successfully pass all the practical evidence in the recruitment process.
We do not conclude transactions, but we pay our full attention and expertise to the Romanian clients looking for employees, as well as to the candidates who search the job market.

I want to recruit foreign personnel in construction!