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Recruitment in agriculture

Recrutare personal asiatic in Agricultura

Recruitment of foreign and Asian workforce

Advantages of recruiting Asian and foreign staff în agriculture

Most foreign workers come from Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, India, Sudan, India  and Brazil, where the living standards are lower than in Romania. The Asian workers are stress-resistant, are loyal to their employers, and have a great ability to focus. Their resilience help farmers fulfill their agricultural activities, regardless the mechanical support.
Navon Jobs takes care of everything that implies immigration services for future employees: visas, work papers, and stay permits. Our team has professionals with a large experience in identifying the right people for the right places.

Caregiven animals from Asia

Unlike in Asia, in Romania, animal care is often seen as degrading, which is why there are so few working in this area. In this context, the proximity of Asians to nature and animals recommends them for this area.
In this way, you will avoid the biggest problems that arise with unserious workers who lack security, confidence, and you cannot rely on them to show up at work the next day. If you are interested in recruiting and placing Asian and foreign workforce in Romania, contact us! Our personal recruitment team from Asia and other countries abroad is at your disposal!

Foreign and Asian personnel for farms or agricultural crops

We recruit workers from different foreign countries such as: Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, India, Sudan and Brazil, countries where well-paid work is a real satisfaction, which is why workers in Asian countries choose our country where they have security. a decent remuneration for the work done.
We offer the most modern and efficient recruitment solutions. We are fully efficient, having a customized recruitment system developed and updated, all to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met with the highest standards in the shortest time possible.

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