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Recruitment in assistance/senior care

Recrutare personal asiatic in asistenta/ingrijire

Advantages of Asian and foreign personal recruitment in assistance/senior care

An important criterion that we take into account when recruiting the human resource in this field is the experience of the country of origin. We select only astiatic and foreign personnel with professional specializations in this field, and this aspect helps us in building long-term relationships with our clients. Navon Jobs offers full-time support for the recruitment and placement of Asian and foreign workforce in Romania. We are aware of the latest technologies, which brings us closer to potential clients and candidates. In addition, we explore all platforms and events that can increase our network of contacts.

Asian and foreign staff for home care

The Asian staff will provide proper body care, supervision and proper hygiene for the caregiver. Because people with health problems need special attention, we always ensure that we select the best candidates. Asians are attentive, loyal and responsible, which they recommend for this area. Home care providers in Asia will provide personal care to the following categories of people: people who are at risk and urgently need personal care, people who have a chronic illness and need care, those who are alone and, in addition to a chronic physical illness, also develops mental illness. Because our commitment is to be part of your success story, our staff is trained and experienced to ensure that our clients’ concerns are treated seriously and addressed fairly.

Nursing from Asia

Navon Jobs offers you personal Asian recruitment services to meet the needs of foreign and Asian employers. We take care to recruit only nurses trained to meet the demands of the Romanian medical environment. Being an extremely sensitive and sensitive field, we are extremely careful in the recruitment process to ensure that we present you the best candidates. The Asian staff is stress resistant, willing to exercise long, with a high capacity for concentration and openness towards people and is willing to work overtime. In this way, unpleasant aspects such as absenteeism, low productivity or staff fluctuations are eliminated.

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