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What are the benefits of foreign and Asian workers?

• have a stable workforce;
• their employment costs are lower than in other human resource exporting countries;
• they are pacifists;
• fulfills its duties;
• they not consume alcohol;
• they know English;
• are loyal to employers;
• are punctual and willing to work;

What are the documents needed to recruit Asian staff?

Navon Jobs has the most modern and efficient Asian and foreign personal recruitment solutions in Romania. The necessary documents for the recruitment and placement of the Asian and foreign labor force are:

• The fiscal identification code of the company;
• Organization chart (with positions and number of positions);
• The fiscal registration certificate of the company (from the Financial Administration) – which must certify that the company has no debts to the state budget. The validity of the last two documents mentioned above is 30 days, and the tax certificate is usually obtained in about 10 days;
• The criminal record of the employer.

Why choose Navon Jobs to recruit Asian and foreign workforce in Romania?

Navon Jobs has the most modern and efficient recruitment solutions in Asia. We are fully efficient, with a customized recruitment system, to ensure that the requirements of our clients are met with the highest standards in a very short time. We offer our wide experience and unique perspective in all Asian and foreign labor force recruitment projects in Romania.
In order to fulfill our mission of bringing creative solutions in the Romanian workforce, we decided to enrich the Romanian workforce with foreign staff from countries such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Sudan.

Is the criminal record of Asian and foreign workers coming to work in Romania also ensured?

We use the top credit check agencies to perform full criminal background checks for all our candidates.

What languages ​​do candidates recruited by Navon Jobs know?

Depending on the requirements of the Romanian companies that appeal to our team, we assume the recruitment of the employees that best meet the employment criteria. We make sure we offer the best services while maintaining a high level of professionalism and ethical business practices at the best price. In general, Asian workers know English. From our experience, Asians quickly learn the Romanian language because they have an openness and a desire to adapt.

What are the documents required for the work visa?

1. A copy of the passport
2. Original criminal record to be sent by DHL in Romania.
3. A manually written personal statement stating that the worker is capable of working and is healthy.
4. A diploma or any other work that proves that the worker has experience in that specific business industry and in the job for which he is employed.
5. CV with 2 photos of type ¾.
6. Medical certificate.
7. A handwritten statement that the worker has knowledge of English and minimal knowledge of Romanian.

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