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How to solve the labor shortage in Romania by recruiting Asian and foreign staff

Nowadays, many Romanian companies are facing problems regarding employee turnover – due to the fact that people are systematically approached with new offers of employment by direct competition or by other companies. Personnel fluctuation is a current phenomenon affecting the IT field, the hotel industry, commerce, but also the textile industry. 
Finding new workforce has become a major problem for Romanian companies. In this context, the most important question remains: what can employers do to avoid staff fluctuation and, implicitly, the costs involved in replacing an employee? The solution is to hire Asian and foreign workers, with the help of the Navon Jobs team. 
The reasons why Romanian employers resort to various forms of collaboration with Asian and foreign personal recruitment firms are obvious and predictable:

  • the increased migration of the labor force to more developed countries;
  • dramatic drop in birth rate;
  • modification of the demands and demands of the employers;
  • the changes generated by the new trends in the recruitment market;

What can employers do to avoid labor shortage?

Navon Jobs is a foreign labor force recruitment and employment company founded with the goal of helping Romanian employers to overpass the difficulties generated by the workforce crisis.

Although one of the important reasons for the migration of domestic workers is the low wages paid by the employers, paradoxically, they are willing to pay two to three times more for the labor force abroad. Asian and foreign workers who come to work in Romania are English speakers. Furthermore, they are sociable and they can integrate in the workplace.

The procedure for hiring foreigners by Romanian employers requires the following steps:

• obtaining the employment notice;
• obtaining a long-stay visa;
• obtaining the right of residence;
• issuing a residence permit for work / detachment purposes.

Why you should choose Asian staff for your company

Asians are very productive, easily adapt to the demands of the workplace and treat the job with great responsibility. In addition, Asian employees are willing to work beyond the schedule, considering that this adds value to the company. Last but not least, the qualification of Asian candidates is a solid argument for which their recruitment can be beneficial for your company. They are trained in a wide range of fields, from construction, to the HoReCa industry and the field of care and education.
One of the important reasons for the migration of domestic workers is the low wages paid by the employers; even so, the employers are willing to pay two to three times more for the foreign labor force, considering it more dedicated and competent than the local one. Asian and foreign workers who come to Romania are English speakers, very sociable and easily integrate into the workplace. Most jobs are done through recruitment and employment agencies of Asian and foreign workforce.

About Navon Jobs

Navon Jobs deals with everything that immigration services entail for future employees: obtaining visas, obtaining work permits and residence permits in Romania. We provide all candidates with a period of training and an introduction to the Romanian culture before arriving in Romania. We make sure that both the customer who has asked for our services is satisfied, and the recruited workers are pleased regarding the working conditions at the new job.
All our candidates are selected following an extremely strict and professional selection process. We offer the most modern and efficient recruitment solutions. We are fully efficient, having a customized recruitment system developed and updated, all to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met with the highest standards in the shortest time possible. We want to make sure that both the customer who has turned to our services is satisfied, but also the recruited workers are satisfied with the new job. We address both large and small organizations, covering all sectors of industry.
 Most foreign employees come from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, India, but also from Sudan or Brazil. We use the top credit check agencies to carry out comprehensive background checks of all our candidates.

Do you want to recruit Asian and foreign staff for your business?

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