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Brazilian workers

Recrutare personal asiatic in Industria Mecanica si Electrica

Recruitment Brazilian workers

The Romanian government is trying to reduce the workforce crisis in many areas of the economy by importing foreign workers. It is known that Romania is ready to import Asian and foreign workers by 2021 due to shortage of human resource in Romania.

Navon Jobs is a recruitment and placement agency for employers in Romania. Most foreign employees come from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, India, but also from Sudan or Brazil. All our candidates are selected following an extremely strict and professional selection process.

We offer the most modern and efficient recruitment services. Our goal is to solve the problems regarding the shortage of personnel by finding optimal and fast solutions for the success of your business. The foreign workers who will come to work in Romania are well trained, serious, have sufficient experience in the field in which they will be employed, so that they can successfully complete all the tasks received by the employer. In our recruitment campaigns in Brazil, we met very well-trained people who meet the most demanding requirements.
Accustomed to working in different factories and performing repetitive tasks, Brazilian workers will make the necessary effort to integrate into the new workplace. In the Horeca field, there are many vacancies, and most of the Brazilian workers already working in Romania have proven to be serious, they integrate quickly, showing loyalty, respect and responsibility.

Why should you choose Brazilian workers?

  • Brazilian workers are extremely loyal to their employers and dedicated to their duties;
  • Employees from Brazil are more profitable and employment costs are lower compared to other labor-exporting countries;
  • Brazilian workers are English speakers;

Why should you choose Navon Jobs?

  • we guarantee the free replacement of the human resource if it does not fit the working environment;
  • we provide a dedicated consultant;
  • we personally deal with the selection of candidates;
  • we solve quickly all formalities.

If you would like to know more about Brazilian workers, we are at your disposal!