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Bangladeshi workers – major workforce in Romania

Romania has a significant workforce deficit. Investors and companies in Romania are increasingly turning to workers from foreign countries to meet customer demands. Many companies may risk insolvency due to fines they have to pay. Lack of manpower can lead to slow development of the company, delayed delivery of orders to customers, as well as the accumulation of certain debts that could lead to bankruptcy of the company.

Romanians want to work in countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, or France, where they will have more job possibilities and earn greater wages. Many choose to leave their country, leaving their children alone with their grandparents.

​Bangladeshi workforce

Lately, employers, both small companies and multinationals, are increasingly choosing to turn to Bangladeshi workers’ recruitment agencies. In early 2021, Bangladeshi authorities announced that Singapore and Romania would recruit 12,000 Bangladeshi workers, a significant number, which could address the labour shortage in some sectors. Romania recruited a number of 2000 citizens from Bangladesh, in order to cope with the low level of workers in certain sectors: tourism, agriculture, construction, hospitality, or transportation.

Insufficient coastal labour is evident in the summer season, when employers are forced to hire foreign workers. The people of Bangladesh are the ideal solution, as they are hardworking, responsible, and eager to work in any field. More than 13 million people in Bangladesh work in other countries.

​Bangladesh workforce for the following industries: HoReCa, Agriculture, Construction

In the HoReCa field, Romanian investors are short of labor. Thus, Bangladeshi workers are sought after by them because they are trustworthy, responsible and loyal. Navon Jobs offers quality services and recruits for you reliable, skilled or unskilled workers for the following positions: waiter, cook, assistant cook, bartender, baker, pastry chef, or dishwasher. All people in Bangladesh selected to work in the Horeca field know English. Adaptability to different environments and situations, but also stress resistance is an important advantage.

In the field of Agriculture, Bangladeshi workers are strong, resilient, with good physical endurance. The people of Bangladesh have always met the requirements of Romanian employers, so Romanian investors have full confidence in their experience. More than Bangladeshi citizens are farmers, so I know what their responsibilities are in this area. There is an urgent need for workers in the agricultural sector, so Bangladeshi workers with their experience in this field are a good alternative.

In the Construction field, Bangladeshi workers have proven that they can do well in this sector as well. Resistant, with good physical endurance, responsible for the tasks they receive, Bangladeshi men are the solution to the construction labor crisis. Team spirit, endurance and skill are just some of the qualities that recommend them for construction. Although diplomas, studies and all qualifications are highly appreciated, unqualified people should not be overlooked, as they are the ones who can make a significant contribution to the success of many companies in Romania

​Minimum wages for hiring foreign workers in Romania

Following the legal changes, on January 31, 2021, the minimum wage for Romanian citizens was set at 2300 RON gross for a usual work schedule.

For those with higher education, the minimum salary level remained at 2,350 lei Gross.

Yet, for those who want to hire foreign citizens, the minimum salary level is 2,350 lei Gross, starting from January 31.

Companies operating in the field of construction intending to hire or have hired foreign nationals must provide them with a salary of at least 3000 lei gross per month according to the amended law, which remains in force until 2028.

Navon Jobs – Recruitment Bangladeshi workers

Navon Jobs offers you recruitment and placement services of Asian workers with proven experience in the following fields: Agriculture, Assistance / Elderly Care, Babysitter, Trade, Construction, Financial Services, Food Industry, IT, Horeca, Mining, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Oil and gas production, Public services, Delivery, Textile industry, Transport, Manufacture of transport equipment and Utilities. We offer you the best solution for the continuous decrease of the workforce in Romania.


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