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Agreement between Romania and The Philippines for the employment of more Filipino workers

Romania is the seventh European country to conclude a bilateral labour agreement with the Philippines

The Romanian labor force has suffered due to several factors, and this degradation has been accentuated as a result of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has changed the balance of power in the Romanian labor market.

The Philippine labor market continues to expand in Europe after a Philippine government official and the Romanian embassy’s business manager signed a memorandum of understanding for the employment of several Filipino workers in Romania.

The Romanian ambassador said that there is a competitive labor market because emigrants from several Asian countries come to work in Romania, including Vietnam, Nepal and India. Romania is the seventh European country to conclude a bilateral labor agreement with the Philippines, in addition to the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.


Recruitment of workers in the Philippines

The interest shown by the management of Romanian companies in hiring a new, serious Asian workforce is already visible, so more and more people are turning their attention to Asia.

Asian workers are a more efficient alternative, specializing in all kinds of sectors.

If men in the Philippines are more likely to focus on typically masculine fields, such as construction, women prefer jobs in the HoReCa industry. Another popular option for Filipinos is the nanny job.

For employment in construction and not only, multinational companies, but also local companies in Romania, use Asian and foreign personnel recruitment companies.


Why should you choose workers from the Philippines?

  • The only concern of Filipino workers is work;

  • Filipino workers are people dedicated to the job;

  • Filipino workers have international work experience;

  • Filipino workers have a high degree of adaptability to the living and working conditions of our country;

  • Filipino workers know English very well.

Workers in the Philippines in Romania have varying degrees of qualification, ranging from unskilled to semi-skilled, skilled and professional. Thus, our Asian and foreign personnel recruitment company can adapt at any time to the criteria imposed by your company. Presentable, hardworking and eager to work, the Philippine workforce can really make a difference in the Romanian labor market.


Why should you choose Navon Jobs?

Navon Jobs is a top Asian and foreign recruitment and placement agency for Romanian employers.

We can see that hiring Asian workers is a wise choice that any employer should consider. Asians are currently the best option for resolving the effects of the deficit on the Romanian labor market.

The system implemented by Navon Jobs is a simplified, transparent one and we are totally involved in finding the best solutions for your business. We provide all candidates with a period of training and an introduction to Romanian culture before arriving in Romania. We make sure that both the client who used our services is satisfied and the recruited workers are satisfied with the conditions of the new job.


Philippines labor force for your company

All our candidates are selected following an extremely strict and professional selection process. We offer the most modern and efficient recruitment solutions. We are fully efficient, having a customized recruitment system developed and updated, all to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met with the highest standards in the shortest time possible. We want to make sure that both the customer who has turned to our services is satisfied, but also the recruited workers are satisfied with the new job. We address both large and small organizations, covering all sectors of industry. We use the top credit check agencies to carry out comprehensive background checks of all our candidates.


If you want to know more about Philippines labor force, we are at your disposal!

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